WHAT:                      NASA, in partnership with The Astronauts Memorial Foundation and
                                 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, will host NASA’s Day of
                                 Remembrance on Thursday, February 7 at the Space Mirror Memorial.
                                 The ceremony will honor all astronauts who have sacrificed their lives
                                 while furthering the cause of space exploration and discovery. Robert
                                 Cabana, director of Kennedy Space Center, and Thad Altman,
                                 executive director and chief executive officer of The Astronauts Memorial                                                   Foundation, will speak at the ceremony.
                                Following the commemoration, a wreath laying ceremony will take place
                                at the Space Mirror Memorial. Attendees will be given flowers to pay
                                respects to our fallen heroes.
                                                **Interview opportunities will be available.**
WHEN:                     Thursday, February 7
                                 Media Arrival: 9:30 a.m.
                                 Ceremony Begins: 10 a.m.
WHERE:                  Space Mirror Memorial,
                                 Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
WHO:                       Robert Cabana, director, Kennedy Space Center
                                 Thad Altman, executive director and chief executive officer, The
                                 Astronauts Memorial Foundation
                                 Sheryl Chaffee, daughter of Apollo 1 astronaut Roger Chaffee and vice-
                                 chair of AMF Board of Directors     
To attend this event, please RSVP to:
Liz Feldman at , (443) 683-0917
Jordan Lusby at , (443) 844-0754
Rachel Iorio at , (321) 289-0921

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