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New Kennedy Space Center exhibit asks: What is a hero?

Space memorabilia and astronaut tales are almost always a draw. Just ask the people who run the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which gets more than 1.5 million visitors a year.
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Legendary astronauts celebrate grand opening of new space exhibit

NASA's earliest and greatest astronauts gathered at Kennedy Space Center on Friday to mark the grand opening of a new space exhibit in which they're the stars.

Top 25 Museums — United States

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Traveler's Choice: The world's best museums for 2016

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Sharing the Space Adventure

Chat With An Astronaut is a unique dining and learning experience. The casual meal, hosted each day at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, satisfies both your craving for delicious food and your hunger for deeper knowledge about what it’s really like to be in space from the men and women who have lived it.
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Kennedy Space Center Delivers An Epic Journey

Here's a question: why are rockets launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida? 

Set on the Atlantic Ocean and relatively nearer the equator compared to other U.S. locations, Cape Canaveral is a prime spot because rockets traveling eastward get a boost from the earth's natural spin. So, they save on fuel as well as rocket power. The rate of spin is at its highest on the equator and slowest at the poles. Cape Canaveral's southern latitude of just 28 degrees above the equator is a nice fit.